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TEMA TALK is a BS free zone with smart, funny and educational conversations with entrepreneurs and businesses owners sharing their stories and insights designed to help you succeed. The result is a video vault of wisdom, strategies, and tactics on how grow your business by increasing revenue, reducing costs and amplifying your market share.

Putting the Dough in Donuts
Guest, DaVincis Donuts

Knitter Matters
Guest, Cheryl Lampard

Utilizing Microsoft Office to Enhance Working from Home - Guest,  Heather Severino

Recruitment After the Pandemic 
Guest Nancy Bailey Gamble

Everyday Superheroes
Guests, Hope Daley & Matt Dykes

Cyber Security During the Coronavirus Pandemic & Beyond – Guest, Carrie Kerskie

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) – Guest, Rob Anstett CPA

COVID-19 and the Media
Guest, Frank Cipolla

Princess Donia
Guest, Lee Allan

Leadership in Crisis
Guest, Ford Taylor

Restaurant Recovery
Guest, Rafael J. Feliciano

How To Become Bigger Than Your Profile
Guest, Carl Gould

Let’s Get Inventive
Guest Ron Klein

Human Resources & Payroll During & After COVID-19 – Guest ContinuumHR

COVID-19 in Kenya
Guest, Stephen Muriu

Coronavirus a View from Across the Pond
Guest, Steven Cliff

Charity for Change - Developing Children Today Into the Leaders
Guest, Karen Conley

His Puppet No More
Guest, Rena Romano

Moments Matters – if not now, when?
Guest Dave Sanderson

Who's Got Your Keys?
Guest Diane Pisani

Selling on ZOOM
Guest, Ted Miller III

My Shower Door 
Guest, Bill Daubmann

Bespoke Masks for a Good Cause
Guest, Dominic Lacquaniti

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