Karl M. Gibbons

Business Growth Architect & TEMA Founder

Karl M. Gibbons is the President, Problem Solver & Rainmaker at Third Eye Management as well as a serial entrepreneur who has created and sold four multi-million dollar businesses by the age of 40, and founded Third Eye Management in England in 1988. Gibbons merges timeless principles of success with leading-edge technologies to accelerate achievement. What began as a passion to help entrepreneurs and their businesses has grown into a mission to guide individuals and organizations along their paths to success. Gibbons works with his clients to achieve growth, build aligned teams and recession-proof businesses.

In 2002 he made Naples, Florida his home and in August 2008 he became a US Citizen. When he is not working he loves to fly hot air balloons, playing drums and collecting Beatles memorabilia.

Karl M. Gibbons is accredited by and a member of the following organizations;

• Fellow of the Institute of Directors
• Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management
• GLG Educator to Gerson Lehrman Group
• Executive Associate of the Institute for • Independent Business
• Chairman & President - ESOA - Entrepreneur Society of America
• Chairman of the Entrepreneurs Program for Collier County School Board

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