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Experienced Mentor and Coach
When I first started my business, I thought it would be simple, register the business, get a logo, website, business cards and voila I was in business and would be an overnight success! I learned very fast the hard way that it takes a lot more to be successful! In my previous career of over 34 years, I was not able to achieve the level I did without mentors, training, continued education, and support. I realized very quickly that my success would not be achievable without guidance and mentorship. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Karl 6 years ago who took me under his wing when I needed it the most! Karl is a straight shooter that will challenge you every step of the way, taking you out of your comfort zone and guiding you with his proven tactics. But rest assured he will not pamper you and will be tougher on you than a Marine drill sergeant, but he does have a soft side but not when it comes to your success with him behind you! The positive results I am seeing now are a tribute to his persistence and extensive knowledge. I am very grateful for his mentorship and guidance but most of all his friendship! Thank you, Karl!
The man is a dynamo!
I have worked with Karl for many years. He has the insights to make your business better and he has the skills to help you be a better, more successful business person. There is no one that will more quickly move you off the plateau you are on and up to the peak you desire.
Karl and Dr. Tom were great at guiding my creative visions for a business into a business. If you want to start or build your business in the Naples, Florida area, TEMA is a must, they are a gateway. Their years of experience and networking power are essential.
Results Matter!
Karl and the TEMA team have been instrumental in the success of Style Matters International, from day one. Quite honestly, I couldn't have done it without him/them. TEMA will continue to be an integral and essential part of my team.
Next level Results
Karl and his team were instrumental in getting our company to the next level. Our weekly meetings helped boost sales, control costs and streamline our operation from top to bottom. We had to make a LOT of changes but Karl helped walk us through it every step of the way. The Crystal Clean team highly recommends Third Eye Management to anyone that wants to fast track their business growth.
We couldn't have done it without them!
We are celebrating our 10th year in business thanks to hard work, a never give up attitude and a great business strategy from TEMA. We have been working with Karl and his team since day one of establishing our business and we haven't looked back. As with all businesses, we have had our ups and downs, but they helped keep us on track, bobbing and weaving with the business landscape and pivoting to adjust to market conditions. We started with our last $6,000 dollars and have turned it into millions in revenue. We are proud members of the TEMA family, and I can honestly say, "We couldn't have done it without them".
Very Pleased!
Our company (Gigi Clean) has been a client of Third Eye Management and Associates for over 6 years now.Mr.Karl Gibbons and his team have helped our company immensely. We meet with him regularly every month reviewing our progress,assisting with our business plan and guiding us through our challenges.
We are pleased with our consistent growth, our achieved reduction in costs, and increased market share.
TEMA possesses years of experience and expertise helping companies worldwide.
From the time we had our initial consultation with Karl we knew at that moment that TEMA was the vital choice we needed to make to succeed in business.We are extremely pleased that TEMA is there watching over us.
We highly recommend them and encourage you to meet with them for an initial
consultation and evaluation.
Insightful and action oriented
Have worked with TEMA for a decade and wouldn't be in business without Karl Gibbons. Insightful, creative and drives action to propel your business. Top notch!
Karl Changed My Life
Karl simply changed my life! He came in at a much-needed time for me, while I was debating the entrepreneurial leap from the corporate world to running my own startup full-time. Karl provided me the encouragement, inspiration, knowledge, and support I needed to make that leap confidently. It was one of the greatest decisions I ever made and I haven't looked back to the corporate world. Karl has not only been a mentor and friend but an official advisory to my startup, Fieldr. Our early success can be heavily tied to Karl's professional guidance and hardcore approach. Thank you, Karl, on behalf of our team. We look forward to continued success.
Genuine and Direct
There are too many people out there who think being a strong leader equals being a jerk. Few want to do the difficult work of earning trust and respect by being both unflinchingly direct and fully engaged in improving your work and your business, but that's what you get with Karl. Recommended!