Gibbons & Gould are inviting female entrepreneurs (like you) to submit a 3 minute (max) pre-recorded segment. The content is for you to choose but should be along the lines of a “thought for the day” or life lessons that may benefit other entrepreneurs. These could include your view on a current business trend or situation; hints and tips for the listener; life and/or business changing moments that altered your career or helped you put things into perspective. It could even be that lightbulb “aha” moment, or a simple piece of advice that you’ve never forgotten and why it had such a profound effect. Perhaps it’s a challenge that someone else solved for you (a team member maybe). These are all “G Spot Gems.” You can submit as many segments as you wish – they will be filed and used at the total discretion of G Team Radio. All submitted segments (whether used or not), become the property of G Team Radio and cannot be used by any third party without the prior written consent of G Team Radio.

Please email if you wish to participate and we will send you full instructions and a link to your to upload your MP3.

The G Team are really excited about this new segment and hope you choose to join us.