Third Eye Management & Associates is committed to offering the highest quality advice and training across specialist areas of business management and marketing for our clients. This is achieved through our personal commitment to excellence and our ability to listen, involve and harness the experience and skills of both parties to arrive at the best possible solutions for our clients. We aim to impress our clients with our professionalism and to build close, long-term relationships, treating each assignment as the ultimate challenge. We draw satisfaction from the quality of the work we deliver and we support the philosophies of skill transfer and empowerment, enjoying the success and benefits they create. We are sensitive to our clients’ point of view and never forget that they employ us for our expertise, which we must ensure we communicate with confidence. We achieve these goals by thinking global and acting local.




It is the philosophy and culture of Third Eye Management that business is not just based on proposals and delivering assignments but developing successful relationships centered on the people involved and then striving to meet and exceed their dreams and aspirations.


Third Eye Management works with entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their dream by helping them by bridging the G.A.P. (Growth, Automation & Profit) and turn their ‘good little business’ into a great business! Third Eye provides hands-on assistance to small and medium-sized businesses that don't have access to the resources and expertise typically available to CEOs of large corporations. Whether they have growing pains, or pains because they’re not growing, require a business plan to get badly needed financing, or just a plain-speaking senior business executive to talk to, we can help!


Founded in England in 1988 and now headquartered in Naples, Florida, USA – together with a network of 5,000 associates in 22 countries around the globe, we are all united by the vision of ‘thinking global and acting local’.